"We are opening the hunting season, but this time we are hunting films in favor of the animals, opening opportunities for movies in which the story is being told from their point of view."

From today on, the enrollment of films for the VII International Film Festival for Animals – 'Mostra Animal' 2017 is open. Professional filmmakers and amateur, Brazilian and foreign, can register films of any length (long, medium or short film) to address issues arising from the human relationship with the nonhuman animals in order to develop in society a greater respect to the latter, besides instilling and disseminating the idea that there is, scientifically speaking, nothing in the human species that confer us the right to exploit the other animals of the planet.

Conceived by the Brazilian Vegetrian Society (SVB) - Curitiba Group, the Mostra Animal will take place on November of 2017. Anyone can put a camera in their hands and make a video addressing an aspect of how the interaction between humans and animals develops. In addition to amateur videos, the event will feature established films on the topic that have traveled the world.

Film enrollment is free and must be made following the model in this site, the 'Film enrollment' page, until the end of July of 2017. The Mostra Animal is an event organized by SVB in partnership with the Curitiba Cultural Foundation and City Hall.


SERVICE: Mostra Animal 2017 - November - Film enrollment open until the end of July.