Mostra Animal

International Film Festival for the Animals

The public already knows. November is time to enjoy different movies, not in large shopping centers, not watching movies made in industrial-scale production. At this time attention will be focused in a room, in a city of Brazil, where it will be screened movies with much more to say, at least for those who in one way or another are connected to the theme of the International Film Festival for the Animals - Mostra Animal.

Films from Brazil and all over the world present the most diverse issues involving the complex relationship between humans and the rest of the animal species. With room for debate, conversations with directors and producers, selling of materials related to the theme, delicious food and the traditional presence of distinguished guests, the Mostra Animal, since its first edition, is positioning itself as a major event towards animal respect.

Check the schedule at this site and be sure to honor this great event devoted entirely to animals. And if you weren't able to watch the exhibitions at the release, stay tuned, because through the Itinerant Project, cities across the country can receive the event.