The IX Mostra Internacional de Cinema pelos Animais (Mostra Animal 2023) will take place on July 22 and 23 of 2023, from 2pm to 9pm, at Cinemateca de Curitiba. The event is going to feature films from Brasil and more 16 other countries. Entrance is free (by arrival order) and the public will have access to a fair of food and products free of animal exploitation. Futhermore, there will also be a photography exhibition showing photos of rescued and adopted dogs.


Where: Cinemateca de Curitiba - Rua Pres. Carlos Cavalcanti, 1174 - Bairro São Francisco - Curitiba/PR

Date: July 22 and 23, 2023

Time: from 2pm to 9pm

Free entrance

Fair of products free of animal exploitation.


Check the schedule:

Programação da Mostra Animal 2023 de sábadoProgramação da Mostra Animal 2023 de domingo


14:00 ABERTURA DA MOSTRA 00:20:00  
14:20 Zoophobia 01:35:00 Argentina
  Tribute to Freedom 00:00:29 Italy
  Lixo Vivo 00:09:59 Brazil
  That Also Breathes 00:02:05 Iran
  INTERVALO 20 MIN 00:20:00  
16:30 Animals Freedom 00:05:20 Spain
  MUCO - Contradiction within Tradition 01:49:40 Brazil, India and USA
  Como Animais 00:03:10 Brazil
  INTERVALO 20 MIN 00:20:00  
19:30 Lucky the Rescued Cow: from Solitude to Serenity 00:34:10 USA
  Asa Vegana – Uma Paródia 00:02:30 Brazil
  Attila 00:17:23 Iran
  Disappeared Pinetree 00:01:59 South Korea
  You'll be Fine (Te La Caverai) 00:08:11 Italy
  Wonder Pigs 00:11:46 USA
  Summer (Last Night & Hole) 00:10:55 South Korea
  One Last Ride: The U.S. - Canada Horse Meat Pipeline 00:27:37 Canada


14:00 BOAS-VINDAS 00:10:00  
14:10 A Espera 00:12:10 Brazil
  Ocean Friends (Part 1) 00:03:49 Australia
  Rey vs. Los Videojuegos 00:03:22 Spain
  Fishlike 00:00:54 France
  Lui 00:01:58 Peru
  El Alma de las Bestias 00:02:30 Argentina
  Nool 00:07:55 Israel
  Nestling (Galchonok) 00:06:35 Russia
14:48 Cairo 00:10:05 Egypt
  Rare (Carné·e·s) 00:15:00 France
  Dourado 00:18:32 Brazil
  A Vida Secreta dos Frangos - A Realidade da Indústria dos Frangos no Brasil 00:03:48 Brazil
  What's hiding under the surface… of fish farms? 00:02:09 USA
  INTERVALO 20 MIN 00:20:00  
16:50 Testimony & Sanctuary 00:10:45 South Korea
  Fish's New Life 00:04:00 Algeria
  Vegana 00:03:40 Brazil
  The All is One (Die Q ist ein Tier) 01:21:00 Germany
  INTERVALO 20 MIN 00:20:00  
18:50 Anima
00:12:35 USA
  Dairy Disclosed 00:25:25 USA
  The Ghosts in Our Machines 01:32:16 Canada


Mostra Animal 2023 Official Selection




Zoophobia (Zoofobia)

(Argentina, 2022)

Directed by: Pablo Chehebar e Nicolás Iacouzzi

The death of a polar bear because of Christmas fireworks triggers the end of a century-old zoo. Soon after, based on a Star Trek episode, a Batman-loving lawyer gets a court to declare Sandra, the last orangutan in the zoo, a Non-Human Person and revolutionizes the planet.
An Argentine story full of passions, embarrassing missteps and memorable characters takes place today in the heart of Buenos Aires, with unforeseeable consequences.


MUCO - Contradiction within Tradition (MUCO - Contradição na Tradição)

(Brazil, India and USA, 2022)

Directed by: Oberom

O documentário Muco: Contradição na Tradição apresenta dois irmãos brasileiros que viajam à Índia a fim de entender primeiros princípios éticos do Yoga (Yamas) e as implicações que esta prática milenar tem em nossa sociedade. Ao longo da jornada desvelam-se verdades ocultas da Índia que colocam em xeque a própria tradição do Yoga.


One Last Ride: The U.S. - Canada Horse Meat Pipeline

(Canada, 2022)

Directed by: Jen Osborne

This documentary explores the U.S. - Canada horse meat pipeline. Canada provides a controversial market for American ranchers who want to offload old, injured and unwanted horses.
Because the U.S. shut down horse slaughter in 2007, without first banning the live export of meat horses, additional U.S. horses now endure greater stress than they did when some were once slaughtered in America. Long international transport hauls are now a requirement for processing all American horses for meat. And according to previously released access-to-information documents, horses sometimes enter Canada dead on arrival.
It is important to tell this story now because Chris Heyde, a horse advocate, is working to pass a new bill called the SAFE Act. It would prevent the exports of live American horses to Canada and Mexico for meat purposes.


The All is One (Die Q ist ein Tier)

(Germany, 2022)

Directed by: Tobias Schönenberg

Slaughterhouse owner Werner Haas has a ton of slaughter waste dumped on his front lawn in the middle of the night. Fuming mad, he files charges against unknown persons and foolishly sets something in motion that can’t be stopped.


Lucky a Vaca Resgatada: da Solidão à Serenidade (Lucky the Rescued Cow: from Solitude to Serenity)

(USA, 2022)

Directed by: Emma Bronwyn Schwarz

Lucky the cow was destined for slaughter in November 2021. This film tells the story of how Lucky saved his own life by charming and captivating the entire town of Lyons, Colorado.



(Iran, 2022)

Directed by: Omid Shenavar

A harrased dog is found by animal helpers near a small village in Iran, they take him to the shelter and cure his disease but soon they find out Attila the dog suffers from an infected leg. As the helpers don't want his leg to be cut off They manage to send Attila to Us via an unbelievable story.



(Brazil, 2022)

Directed by: Marx Braga

From a pet to a symbol of the fight for the preservation of Biodiversity, the Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the most emblematic species of Brazilian fauna. Native to the Atlantic Forest in Rio de Janeiro, the history of the tamarin is intertwined with the history of the forest and the history of Brazil.


Laticínios Desvendados (Dairy Disclosed)

(USA, 2022)

Directed by: Emma Bronwyn Schwarz

Dairy Disclosed illuminates the dark truths the dairy industry doesn't want you to know. Narrated by famous YouTuber Mic the Vegan, the expose of the dairy industry is punctuated by inspirational rescue stories of the animal residents of Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Erie, Colorado.


The Ghosts in Our Machine

(Canadá, 2013)

Directed by: Liz Marshall

Animals are hiding in the shadows of our highly mechanized world. The Ghosts in Our Machine illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world. Through the heart and lens of acclaimed animal photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, we become intimately familiar with the animals portrayed. Are non-human animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings entitled to rights?





Tributo à Liberdade (Tribute to Freedom)

(Italy, 2023)

Directed by: Charlotte Wendt e Philipp Silbernagl

Our figure stands as a runner in contrast to the restriction of caged animals. She lives her normal life in which she is free to decide where she runs.
She runs an infinite number of ways of our world. With unlimited expanses before her, she runs on and on until, inexplicably, the most important part of her life is suddenly taken away from her: Freedom.


Lixo Vivo

(Brazil, 2019)

Directed by: Guiga Pirá

Em uma praia do Rio de Janeiro conhecida por ser poluída, Ed Bastos foi de explorador a protetor e mostra como as aparências de um ambiente podem enganar. No meio de latas de bebida, petrechos de pesca abandonados e muitos outros resíduos sólidos, uma complexa cadeia de pequenas criaturas existe e contribui para a manutenção da vida no planeta, nos fazendo refletir sobre como olhamos para o lixo marinho.


Isso Também Respira (That Also Breathes)

(Iran, 2023)

Directed by: Bahman Radan

The life of a girl who has a pet and is very interested in her suddenly changes overnight.


Animals Freedom (Animals Freedom)

(Spain, 2018)

Directed by: Nacho Recio

Animals Freedom is a Tcap Leviatán music video (Positive VIBZ Productions) directed by the vegan videoartist Nacho Recio, produced by the vegan artist Romina Mariel and interpreted by the actress Alba Dannet. Go vegan!!.


Asa Vegana – Uma Paródia

(Brazil, 2023)

Directed by: Claudia Usai

Nessa paródia inédita, produzida por Claudia Usai, com letra bem humorada e imagens que intercalam entre a fofura e a tristeza, a realidade dos animais explorados para consumo humano é questionada. “Eu perguntei, ai! A Deus do céu, ai! Por que tamanha exploração?”


Pinheiro Desaparecido (Disappeared Pinetree)

(South Korea, 2022)

Directed by: Adam Chen (Herbibobo Studio)

Produzido por: Haru Lev

Human and bluebird, two couples both move into their new houses to start a new family with a baby. People and birds, two seemingly unrelated families meet under the influence of time......
A song created with a sense of sadness and remorse, realizing the need to regain respect for life while witnessing the many problems that arise in a world that has lost its awe for nature. It aims to lend an ear to the unheard voices and listen with a heart of sorrow and apology.


You'll be Fine (Te La Caverai)

(Italy, 2022)

Directed by: Danny Cannizzaro

Anna and Federico are leaving for a trip. Federico has a turtle pet and since nobody can take of her while on holiday, he decides to abandon it in the wild. Meanwhile, two friends meet in the countryside during a bike ride. One of the two, a convinced conspiracy theorist, starts a discussion on global warming.


Wonder Pigs

(USA, 2022)

Directed by: Emma Bronwyn Schwarz

Arnie and Frankie were being raised for meat on a farm, but they had bigger dreams for their lives. They escaped the farm not once, but twice. The first time they were brought back, the second time they broke free. Somehow, they navigated to the property of Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary, where they could live the rest of their lives in safety and harmony.


Summer (Last Night & Hole)

(South Korea, 2022)

Directed by: Haru Lev

Summer & Last Night: A song that depicts the process of realizing my own power through a nightmare from last night, a coincidental field trip, and a witness of innocence.

Hole: Nobody is money, nor a hole. Nobody is meat, nor a disease. Chickens, they are the same.


The Wait

(Sumé, PB, Brazil, 2022)

Directed by: Ana Célia Gomes

How to live in a world waiting to be noticed, welcomed and loved? A film to reflect on feelings, dreams... on life.


Ocean Friends (Part 1)

(Australia, 2023)

Directed by: Nicoleta Marangou, Thalia Skopellos

The story of Tropical Girl, a loner who has a passion for music unexpectedly meets a fish named 'Cheeky', who she makes an unlikely friendship with and goes on an adventure with to the ocean underworld where they come across conflict that will change their lives forever.


Rey vs. Video Games (Rey vs. Los Videojuegos)

(Spain, 2022)

Directed by: Uosis Tamosiunas

Rey is a very happy dog alongside his master, Pablo, until one day a video game came between them.



(France, 2023)

Directed by: Adrien Blanchard, Théophile Farant, Matéo Grossi, Pablo Jegado

Don't you feel like your whole life has already been written? That's the question asked by this little ad that traces the life of a mackerel from its life in the ocean to its packaging in a supermarket.



(Peru, 2022)

Directed by: Belén Prado

The story tells the life of Lui, who is a hawksbill turtle in danger of extinction, we will see his birth, and progressively how he becomes an adult. In this adventure he will meet Griffin, a yellow butterfly fish, who lives in the reefs near where Lui is normally living. The two of them will become inseparable, and from the moment they met, one always moved side by side with the other. Everything was going great in the sea, until one day a boat of poachers arrived in the area where Lui was, and since that moment, their life took a 360° turn. After that event, different things happened that resulted in the fact that the only thing that remained of Lui was his shell, which later became an object that many people use in their daily lives.


The Soul of the Beasts (El Alma de las Bestias)

(Argentina, 2020)

Directed by: estudantes do INSTITUTO AMÉRICA LATINA

THE SOUL OF THE BEASTS is an animation that tells the story of a condor who loses his family to the cruelty of a hunter.



(Israel, 2022)

Directed by: May Grosman

Nool is a young Black Macaque new to life in an Israeli zoo at the height of a military conflict. One night, mesmerized by the orange glow of rockets painting the night sky, the curious monkey slips out of her cage for a better view. On the roof, not understanding the danger of the war missiles, she spots one flying towards her. In one fateful moment her life changes forever. *The film is based on a true event.


Nestling (Galchonok)

(Russia, 2020)

Directed by: Marat Valerievich Narimanov

The story of a friendship between a lonely old man and an helpless nestling, confronted by a group of ignorant boys from the same neighborhood, stylized as a film of the 60-th.



(Egypt, 2022)

Directed by: Gehad Essam ElDin Mohamed AbdelRazek

Cairo is a dog that is not a typical dog by any mean not only because he is a street dog but also because he lost both his front legs in a terrible accident and everyone thought that euthanizing him is the best and most merciful solution to his case, except for one person who is Merihan... the girl who used to fear dogs but one day she decided to foster Cairo then later on she adopted him for their story to start.


Rare (Carné·e·s)

(France, 2022)

Directed by: Léo Jean-Deschênes

Sébastien, a small-town butcher, has been working for 12 years when a law banning the trade in animal meat forces him to shut up shop. Determined to continue his job, he takes to the road with the firm intention of opening a new butcher's shop in a neighboring country. His journey, punctuated by the passions unleashed by this political decision, helps him, in the end, to make this change.


A Vida Secreta dos Frangos - A Realidade da Indústria dos Frangos no Brasil

(Brazil, 2023)

Produced by: Mercy For Animals

Você sabe o que pode acontecer em 42 dias? Esse é o tempo médio que um frango vive na indústria e nesse período eles passam por extremo sofrimento, conforme expõe a nova investigação "A Vida Secreta dos Frangos" da MFA no Brasil. Esses animais são submetidos a condições sanitárias precárias e ao crescimento acelerado, que causam dor, estresse e doenças, necessitando o uso de antibióticos para serem controladas. E eles não são os únicos afetados: o meio ambiente e as pessoas também são prejudicados. Você pode ajudar a transformar a realidade desses animais, considere o veganismo.


What's hiding under the surface… of fish farms?

(USA, 2020)

Produced by: Mercy For Animals

Você já conhece os danos que a pesca causa ao meio ambiente e aos animais marinhos, mas ainda não sabe o que acontece nas fazendas de criação de peixes em tanques e lagos? Então você precisa assistir a essas imagens. Uma nova investigação da Mercy For Animals mostra o sofrimento dos peixes, animais inteligentes e que sentem dor, em fazendas e abatedouros nos Estados Unidos. Você pode ajudar a transformar a realidade desses animais, considere o veganismo.


Testimony & Sanctuary

(South Korea, 2022)

Directed by: Adam Chen (Herbibobo Studio)

Produzido por: Haru Lev

Testimony: Pig, chicken, cow sit at one side of the trial court while the leaders of the fast-food industry sit at another. How can the scale of justice be swayed, and who controls the chains of oppression?
A relação entre animais não humanos e animais humanos, natureza e humanos, Planeta Terra e humanos... Nosso relacionamento atual é falho.

Sanctuary: A song created with the hope of a world where every animal has the right to a shelter, habitat, or ecosystem that guarantees protection from suffering and exploitation.
Uma canção criada com a esperança de um mundo onde todo animal tenha direito a um abrigo, habitat ou ecossistema que garanta proteção contra o sofrimento e a exploração.


Fish's New Life

(Algeria, 2020)

Directed by: Mustapha Benghernaout

In the coastal town of Mostaganem (Algeria), a group of young people passionate about the sea decides to create an artificial reef and immerse it in the sea on their own. Will this experience be successful in a sandy bottom?



(Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, 2022)

Directed by: Pedro Milagres

Biel Costa e sua banda interpretam a canção autoral “Vegana” com participação especial de Emilio Dragão.



(USA, 2020)

Directed by: Jennifer Jessum

ANIMA is a short documentary film created with the goal of decreasing violence against animals by raising awareness of what different faiths teach about compassion, animals, and the environment. The film features leaders across religious and cultural backgrounds including: Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, the Baha'i, and members of First Nations/Native American communities.


Como Animais

(Florianópolis, SC, Brazil, 2023)

Directed by: Pedro Garutti

Julia esbarra com seu amigo, Jorge, morando na rua, mas não é bem isso que ele pensa...