6th Mostra Animal thrills Curitiba.



Curitiba was already missing one of the largest cinema events in the world about the animal theme. With films from 10 countries, special guests, directors, artists, vegan fair and a public ever more interested in the many aspects of the relation between human beings and animals, the 6th Edtion of Mostra Animal brought up, through the seventh art, several issues regarding the movement of broad respect for animals.

On the first day at its new home (Cine Guarani at Portão Cultural) and with a selection of films suitable for all ages, 'The Animal World of Bibi' (3 episodes), 'My Dream' and 'The Gift', the event addressed themes like the abandon and responsible guard of domestic animals, like dogs and cats, as well as the hope for a world where violence against animals becomes a things from a dark past of our society. Juliana Camargo, founder president of AMPARA Animal, and Lucas Alvarenga, national representative of Mercy For Animals, had a chat with the public right after the films.

After the first break, moment in which the vegan fair was the main attraction with its 19 exhibitors, the views continued with 'For Them', 'Although You (Homage to Female Pigs)' and 'Cowspiracy', this last one being chosen as one of the honored by the public to receive one of the Oscows. The Chat was on the account of Shirley Fraguas, director of 'For Them', and a short interview with Kip Andersen, director of 'Cowspiracy', done through the web by the volunteer Fernanda Mayrinck specially for the Filme Festival.

After the chat, the singer Iria Braga performed 5 special songs for the event together with her violinist Thiago Coelho, thrilling the public with her voice.

Returning after the second break, 'Live and let Live', 'Life According to Ohad' and 'The Herd' closed the first day with a lot of emotion, hope and mainly, inspiring histories.

'The Dream', 'Strength' and 'Seaworld' (films from PETA), 'Pidgeon Love' (first african film screened at the International Film Festival for the Animals) and 'Ecocide' started the second day with it all and prepared the public for one of the most moving moments of the day: with the exhibition of 'At the Edge of the World' and two episodes of Multishow program 'Don't Tell Back Home (Faroe Islands)', the public was able to know a little bit more about the whale killing happening at different parts of the world with the presence of Guiga Pirá (volunteer at Sea Shepherd) and Felipe Ufo, director of the Faroe Islands episodes. 'Speciesism' closed the second day afternoon and the public's choices for the Oscow honorees.

After counting the votes, 'Cowspiracy' and 'The Gift' received the honors by the public vote. But the film that would close the 6th Edition of Mostra Animal, the norway 'Pels', received the honoree choice by the event organization.

After the ending of the event a certainty remained for all: now it's time to hit the road and take, through the itinerant editions, all the riches of all the films that were screened at the 6th Edition of the International Film Festival for the Animals to other Brazilian cities.