The Oscow Award – the Oscar with a cow head – was designed and created by members of the Curitiba SVB group to represent the ironic tone against glamour, luxury and alienation, characteristically traits of the human high society, contrasting with the sad reality of animal exploitation.


Why a cow head? Besides the wordplay, the cow was chosen to symbolize the animals, that rarely receive the respect they deserve by man, and the intention of the Festival to change this reality for the better.

Oscow 2016

  • Audience Tribute – Cowspiracy (USA, 2014) – directed by Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn
  • Audience Tribute – Gift (Hungary, 2015) – directed by Zsófia Zsemberi
  • Organization Tribute – Pels [Inside Fur] (Norway, 2014) – directed by Ola Waagen

Oscow 2014

  • Audience Tribute – Penso, logo... não durmo [I think, therefore... can't sleep] (PR, Brazil, 2014) – Directed by Luara Lux
  • Audience Tribute – An Apology to Elephants (NY, USA, 2013) – Directed by Amy Schatz
  • Organization Tribute – The Animals Film (London, England, 1981) – directed by Victor Schonfeld & Myriam Alaux

Oscow 2013

  • Audience Tribute – O Pé de Picanha - O Caipira (SP, Brazil, 2013) – directed by Ricardo Honório
  • Audience Tribute – How I Became an Elephant (USA, 2012) – directed by Tim Gorski
  • Audience Tribute – The Ghosts in our Machine (Canada, 2013) – directed by Liz Marshall
  • Organization Tribute – A.L.F. (France, 2012) – directed by Jérôme Lescure

Oscow 2012

  • Audience Tribute– Quanto Custa? (Brazil) - directed by Fiori Voniére
  • Audience Tribute – Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home (USA) – directed by Jenny Stein (Tribe of Heart)
  • Organization Tribute – A Galinha que Burlou o Sistema (Brazil) directed by Quico Meirelles

 Oscow 2011

  • Audience Tribute – A Morte do Cão
  • Audience Tribute – Bold Native
  • Organization Tribute – O Abrigo

Oscow 2009:

  • Best Film by the Jury:
    Espírito de Porco

  • Second Best Film by the Jury:
    Atave – Avicultura Escancarada

  • Honorable Mention Award:
    Uma verdade mais que inconveniente (Meat the Truth)


From the second edition in 2011 on, there hasn’t been the category competitive exhibit, however, the statuettes will be given as a homage to films according to the audience’s will. This way, the Oscow will represent the exaltation of the Mostra Animal soul, being cooperative rather than competitive.