2012 Edition
3rd Mostra Animal: a new milestone for the action toward animal respect

Foto: Mario Carta

Emotion, hope and mainly a lot of reflection. Those were the highlights of the 3rd edition of the International Film Festival for the Animals, which took place at the Cinematheque of Curitiba on November 15th and 16th, 2012.

On the first day, the Cinematheque was completely crowded, and the audience was surprised by the great film "A Galinha que Burlou o Sistema", by Quico Meirelles, and produced with impeccable quality by O2 films. It was clear then that the 2012 Animal Exhibit edition would be a new milestone for the action toward animal respect.

Next, "Quanto Custa?", a film by Fiori Voniére, astounded the audience. With only a camera in hands and a great idea it is possible to make a film and achieve a great result. After other films exhibitions and chats with directors, philosopher Sônia Felipe presented her last work called "Galactolatria", which addresses the dairy industry issues and its impacts on animals, people and the planet. After the break, which featured products free from any animal exploitation, the audience was gifted with the distinguished presence of John Curtis, former member of ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and one of the precursors of the direct activism, which spread throughout England in the mid-80s. With his tribute film to Jill (Jill's film), an activist colleague who died in a protest against the exportation of living animals in England. Vegucated closed the first day with a captivating and amusing message.

The second day started with lighter films and children could watch, after "Porco Amor" was displayed, a very amusing chat with director Ursula Strauch and the movie staff. After that, "Glass Walls", presented by Paul McCartney and "A Engrenagem", which stars Ellen Jabour and Eduardo Pires, denounced forcefully what happens behind the walls of the meat and animal-derived industry. Samuel Zadoque, who created “Involução”, which addresses the condition of animals in zoos, his staff, and Monica Buava (A Engrenagem), talked about the films and answered the questions of the audience. After the break, “Dança do Tempo” brought everyone to a trip full of sounds, colors and sensations with beautiful images of the natural life, the opposite of “Pega de Cara”, a Portuguese film that denounces the backstage and the Portuguese bullfighting violence. “Making the Connection” passed the message properly addressing speciesism (discrimination against species) and its consequences. With the last movie, “Peaceable Kingdom”, a big deal of emotion arose and many in the audience began to cry when they remembered the violence, the coarsening and sorrow of ex-ranchers that at a given moment in their lives opened their eyes to animal suffering in the industry they commanded and started supporting the respect toward animals.

Tears were also shed while watching the tributes of the 3rd Edition of the Animal Exhibit through its symbol statuette “OSCOW” (Oscar with a cow head).

For the second year in a row, Fiori Voniére was honored by the audience, as well as Peaceable Kingdom, which moved all who were present. The organization of the event honored “A Galinha que Burlou o Sistema”, which had opened the event in the previous evening. John Curtis (“Jill’s Film) was given a last-minute tribute as acknowledgement for his years devoted to animal respect.

On the closing, having the distinguished presence of Marly Winckler, president of World Union of Vegetarian/Vegan Societies and Brazilian Vegetarian Society, one of the spectators asked for permission to talk and, to his daughter’s surprise said “… when a few fight all lose and if we do nothing, nothing will change, but I want to say that this event has changed something and from today I’m no longer a carnivore”.

That’s how the Animal Exhibit was closed, with the impression that transformations depends on each one of us, plus the promise that in 2013 new emotions and surprises await everyone in the 4th Edition of the International Film Festival for the Animals.

SVB Curitiba
Louise Tezza
Joselaine Seidel
Emerson Apio
Ricardo Laurino
Moro Filmes
Diana Moro




DATE: November 15th and 16th

PLACE: Cinemateca de Curitiba





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Chats and Q&A happened during the event with the presence of directors, actors and producers, guests and the organizers:

Equipe SVB Ctba
John Curtin - Jill´s Film (England)
Luiza, Leandra e Úrsula - Porco Amor (São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil)
Cláudio Azevedo - Dev(e)ir Animal (Rio Grande, RS, Brazil)
Fiori – Quanto Custa?  (Curitiba, PR, Brazil)
Samuel Zadoque and team - Involução (Curitiba, PR, Brazil)

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- Clip of the 2012 Mostra Animal



- A Galinha que Burlou o Sistema



- A Engrenagem



- A Questão Animal – A história do Bem-Estar Animal



- Pense Nisso



- Peaceable Kingdom: the journey home



- A Dança do Tempo (Dance of Time)



- Porco Amor



- Libertas



- Making the Connection



- Quanto Custa?



- Jill's Film?



- Basta de Sofrimento no Circo



- Tegan the Vegan



- Pega de cara



- Paredes de Vidro (Glass Walls)



- Vegucated




Sons da Vida
Dev(e) ir livre



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