Mostra Animal - The International Film Festival for the Animals, is an event that brings together several important films regarding respect for animals. Many of the films were previously unpublished in Brazil, and have been translated into Portuguese especially (by the organization or producers) in order to participate in the Festival. As the objective is for the maximum number of people to have access to the films and their messages about respect for animals, there are also ‘travelling exhibitions’, when films from the previous year’s festival are reproduced in other Brazilian cities.

You can do a lot for the animals by organizing a ‘travelling exhibitions’ in your city! It's very simple! Just find a suitable place to display quality films, take responsibility for spreading the word about the event, and follow the rules! Contact us for more information by filling in the form on our site, on our Instagram or on our Facebook page!

Previous events:

Edição Porto Alegre 03 a 07/12/2018

Edição Curitiba 01/07/2018

Edição Maricá 29 e 30/04/2018

Edição Belo Horizonte 08 e 09/10/2016

Edição Salvador 02 e 03/07/2016

Edição Florianópolis 04/08/2016

Edição Niterói 05/05/2016

Edição Rio de Janeiro 20 a 22/11/2015

Edição Florianópolis 13 e 14/08/2015

Edição Belo Horizonte 06 a 12/08/2015

Edição Florianópolis 14/11/2014

Edição São José dos Pinhais 01 e 02/11/2014

Edição Brasília 17 a 19/10/2014

Edição Recife 27 e 28/09/2014

Edição Jundiaí 07/06/2014

Edição Salvador 29 a 31/05/2014

Edição Vitória 08 e 09/03/2014

Edição São Paulo 06 a 20/06/2013

Edição Floripa 21 e 22/06/2013

Edição Brasilia 29 e 30/03/2013

Edição Floripa 03 e 04/12/2011